It’s amazing that Make4Covid volunteers have been able to produce over 80,000 face shields, but what’s even more impressive is that each face shield is actually made up of three components which brings that total parts to over 240,000. Add to this that it has been accomplished in a time of limited supplies and even more limited interaction.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A volunteer cuts a plastic shield on a laser cutter.
  2. Another volunteer prints a headband on a 3D printer.
  3. Another volunteer sews an elastic backstrap.

Remember that each of these volunteers is social distancing so each is in working alone in their garage, basement, living rooms, or wherever they can find space. They may be attending zoom meetings if they are working from home, helping their children with distance learning, or adjusting to the changing economy. 

Since we can’t congregate, every volunteer has had to learn the proper sanitation procedures and teach themselves to make these components, relying on printed instructions, standard operating procedures, zoom meetings, and each other. They have persevered and gotten the job done.