About Make4Covid LCA

Why is Make4Covid a Public Benefit Limited Cooperative Association (LCA)?

Make4Covid is a cooperative designed for public benefit, which means that we’re not profiting from any of the goods we make and distribute. Instead of making a profit, we focus on making an impact. Why choose a cooperative structure rather than a traditional 501(c)(3) non-profit? Because it allows us to move quickly—it’s a lot faster to bring a co-op to life than it is to get a 501(c)(3) up and running—and we have to move faster than the spread of this pandemic. 

An LCA also provides a way of extending the governance of our organization across a larger group of people. Just because a few of us created a landing page or set up a supply chain, doesn’t mean that we should be making all of the decisions about how Make4Covid operates. 

By placing a measure of Make4Covid’s governance in the hands of the community, we’re committing to pursue the best interests of all our stakeholders, while entrusting the success of our mission to the amazing people who move us towards it every day.